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Advanced: Needling & More

Permanent Makeup Artist Skin Needling™, Melanocyte Restoration & Scar Relaxation

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This groundbreaking course provides in-depth instruction in Skin Needling, Melanocyte Restoration, and Scar Relaxation.

Advance Your Skills in Skin Needling™, Melanocyte Restoration and Scar Relaxation with the best Permanent Makeup Training.

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Advanced: Needling & More

Skin Needling™, Melanocyte Restoration & Scar Relaxation For Permanent Makeup Artist

This groundbreaking course provides in-depth instruction in Skin and Facial Needling, Melanocyte Restoration and Scar Relaxation.

Facial Needling is the process of inserting a sterile needle grouping into the epidermal layer of tissue to create a wound. The induced trauma signals the brain to send collagen to the injured site to repair it, creating an abundance of collagen. This, in turn, plumps up the injured area, creating a soft and subtle appearance and diminishing fine lines and wrinkles. You can help your clients turn back the hands of time by learning this procedure

Melanocyte Restoration is a process that uses a technique similar to that used in Skin Needling™. With no pigment involved, the technician uses his or her needle to repeatedly pierce the skin in areas with hypo-pigmentation to stimulate the melanocyte cells in the epidermis, which in turn produce melanin. Learn to use this process to help the treated discolored areas to blend in with the rest of the patient’s skin.

Scar Relaxation for contractured tissue helps those whose movements are restricted due to severe scarring. Learn to use the proper techniques for releasing the fibrous bands of scar tissue and increasing the range of motion and maneuverability of the patient’s scarred area.

Learn quick, easy, effective tips on how to work with physicians and other medical professionals! We’ll show you exactly what you need to be aware of when you start working on a commission basis versus room rent.

You’ll be exposed to the proper medical consent forms, so when you encounter them you’ll know just what to do.

This class will teach you how use the proper techniques to reactivate the skin’s melanocytes in hypopigmented areas to help the skin return to it’s normal and natural coloration.

With your enrollment, you will receive IIPC’s Skin Needling™ DVD, an $89.95 value, FREE!

Upon completing IIPC’s Skin Needling, Melanocyte Restoration and Scar Relaxation course, you will also earn a certificate of completion for 9 hours of study. Post it in your clinic to show your clientele you have been keeping up with the newest information!

Needling & More Class Curriculum

Course Curriculum for IIPC’s Skin Needling and More Class

• Proper client consultation from start to finish – How to determine who is a good candidate for which procedures and who does not qualify.

• Study different skin types and their specific needs in order to determine the proper techniques for efficiency and effectiveness of each application of collagen induction therapy, melanocyte restoration and scar relaxation.

• Determining and assessing potential risks and contraindications associated with certain procedures for each individual client.

• Learn how to properly choose and administer topical anesthesia to ensure the client is comfortable and has an overall pleasant experience.

• Mastering the set-up, safe operation and sanitization of your needling machine.

• Choosing the safest and most effective needle groupings for each procedure and skin type.

• Correct application of each procedure for the effective treatment of wrinkles, lightening of scars from acne or other blemishes and hypo-pigmentation.

• Learn about the recovery processes associated with each application, how to administer proper client after care and what each client needs to know to heal as quickly and easily as possible.

• Successful business practices: how to integrate your new needling skills into your existing services by appealing to both your established clientele and new customers, therefore increasing earnings.

• Case studies: various examples of effective Skin Needling, Scar Relaxation and Melanocyte Restoration treatments performed on burn survivors, cancer patients, scarred individuals and people with other conditions.

Upon completing IIPC’s Skin Needling, Melanocyte Restoration and Scar Relaxation course, you will also earn a certificate of completion for 9 hours of study. Post it in your clinic to show your clientele you have been keeping up with the newest information!

Class hours are from 9:00am to 5pm, with a one-hour recess for lunch.

Course Repeat Policy

As a graduate of IIPC’s Introductory Training Course, you have the option to come back and repeat any or all of the Comprehensive Introductory Course, as many times as you like for up to one year after taking the class – free of charge!

The Introductory Training Course will be the basis of your education and future career, and IIPC wants to make sure you have taken as much as possible from the classes.

IIPC’s Alumni Course Discount Policy

As a graduates of IIPC’s 6-day Comprehensive Introductory Training Course, you’ll be extended an offer to receive $200 off the cost of each IIPC Advanced Courses you enroll in – a savings of up to $400. Each of IIPC’s Advanced Courses is a 1-day class and will provide 9 hours of continuing education credit.

The Advanced Courses include: Needling & More and Areola Repigmentation & Corrective Pigment Camouflage. Unfortunately, the Alumni Discount Policy is not valid with any other discounts or rate specials.

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Benefits For Graduates

Graduates of IIPC’s Comprehensive Introductory Course receive a $200 discount on EACH Advanced Class!

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Financial Assistance For Permanent Cosmetics Training

If you have the drive, dedication and passion it takes to become a successful Permanent Cosmetics Technician, IIPC wants to help you reach your goals.

We offer options for financial assistance to help those students who need it. For information about IIPC’s Financial Assistance programs, and to see if you qualify, please contact IIPC at 800.282.0577.