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Students are supervised one-on-one by our trainers when they perform procedures on their own in IIPC's permanent makeup Foundation Course. Since its inception in 1990, the International Institute of Permanent Cosmetics has been considered the trailblazer and leader in the Permanent Cosmetic Makeup Industry. IIPC has educated and graduated thousands of Permanent Cosmetics Technicians, teaching them the first-class skills and knowledge it takes to be successful in the industry.

IIPC has always held itself to higher standards than those suggested by other organizations or learning facilities. Our comprehensive Introductory Training Course has grown along with the expanding Permanent Cosmetics Industry to incorporate the constant flow of new information and developments. We make certain that students are receiving the training they need in order to safely perform their procedures. At first comprised of three sessions, IIPC's Introductory Training Course expanded to five days - and on January 1, 2009 a sixth day of class was added to include instruction on Blood-borne Pathogens and Exposure control, ensuring that graduates are well-rounded and thoroughly informed on safety issues. For more information on IIPC and the classes we offer, please call 800.224.6642.

The information-packed classes taught by IIPC's world-renowned instructors are reason enough to enroll at the International Institute of Permanent Cosmetics, but there are so many more benefits in becoming a part of the IIPC family.

permanent makeup training

Permanent Cosmetic And Makeup Training At IIPC

Students At IIPC's Permanent Makeup Training Course.

The International Institute of Permanent Cosmetics knows what it takes to create successful technicians through higher education. Our unique permanent makeup training structure and small class sizes enable students to receive the personal attention they need while allowing the instructors to ensure that each IIPC graduate has mastered the course material and is well qualified to start their career.

Along with the top-tier instruction and support provided by the International Institute of Permanent Cosmetics, students are supplied with all of the materials they need for effective, hands-on learning. Upon enrollment, each student is sent an IIPC Preparation Pack, including 3 textbooks (Permanent Cosmetics: The Ultimate Guide, Medical/Surgical/Tattoo Glossary, and Winning Colours for All Seasons) and 2 instructional DVDs (Including Videos On: Winning Colours for All Seasons, Eyebrow Hair Simulation and Lash Enhancement for Men w/ the Rotary Machine, Lipliner and Full Lip Colour with the Rotary Machine, Techniques in Eyebrow Hair Simulation, Techniques in Eyeliner Application with the Rotary Machine).

For continuous post-graduation support, IIPC makes an information hotline available to all of our former students where questions are asked and answered, techniques are discussed and advice is shared. In addition, IIPC offers a worldwide referral service for all graduates! Many physicians, salons and spa owners call IIPC regularly to request our students to work in their facilities. We also receive regular phone calls from our clients across the globe, requesting procedures from our graduated students.

The Permanent Cosmetics industry looks to IIPC to set and improve the educational standards that exist in the community. Start your career out right by learning from the experts. Take advantage of the incredible value of IIPC's Introductory Permanent Cosmetic Training Course by enrolling today! Financial assistance is available. Get ahead of the competition with the International Institute of Permanent Cosmetics!

Call 800-224-6642, or fill out our contact form on the right side of this page to enroll today!

permanent makeup training

Beginner Permanent Makeup Artist Training Course Curriculum

Students At IIPC's Permanent Makeup Training Course. Actual Procedure Application:
Learn the proper art and application of Eyebrow Hair Simulation for men and women, Powder Eyebrows, Lash Enhancement for men and women, Eyeliner, Beauty Marks, Lipliner and Lip Sparkling.

Sterilization and Sanitation:
All phases of cross contamination prevention and blood-borne pathogen control.

Proper Use of Topical Anesthesia:
Learn what is legal to use and how to apply topicals for optimum potency.

Procedure Room Setup:
From initial procedure room setup until the client is finished. Learn proper protocol according to OSHA, CDC and NIOSH guidelines.

Procedure Photos:
You can only take a 'before' photo once. Learn how to effectively use a digital camera and which settings to use for maximum close-ups and perfect photos every time.

Machine Techniques:
Learn to use the hand tool, rotary coil or digital machine for efficacy.

Before and After procedure care:
Proper protocol must be adhered to for successful results. Educate your client before, during and after their procedures on how to take care of their new application.

Needle Groupings:
Learn what to choose, why, and how to effectively utilize several needle groupings for each procedure.

Successful Marketing Strategies:
Learn how to market your services effectively for better exposure.

Makeup Artistry with  Symmetry:
This is the basis of all great procedures.

Technical Application of Permanent Cosmetic Makeup:
Learn all phases of each procedure, accurate insertion, proper depth, how to hold your machine for maximum results and how to stretch the skin effectively.

Our students have access to one of the finest insurance companies for coverage by Lloyd’s of London.

Learn layers of the skin and why it is critical that you know the exact depth of proper placement for successful results.

Learn how to set up your business, what licenses you will need, if you should incorporate or become an LLC, how to locate a good lawyer and accountant, etc.

Colour Theory:
Proper color theory is essential for great procedure results. Pigment mixing is an integral part of our curriculum. While you need to know the basics of the procedure, a lack of knowledge about the proper colors to work with will yield less than perfect results.

Skin Undertones:
Discern the differences between cool and warm undertones through an unforgettable power point presentation. It’s fun and uncomplicated with 5 easy steps.

Product knowledge:
Learn all about your pigments, choosing the correct and most effective anesthesia, what you will need for each procedure and why.

How to carry out a perfect consultation, virtually guaranteeing the client will make an appointment.

We help you to set goals and stick to them for your success!

Proper Colour Mixing for Gorgeous Results:
We find that students are initially most fearful of color mixing. With our proven color theory, we take the guesswork out of choosing and matching colors. We offer foolproof color formulas and tips on how to get the perfect color combinations for each client.
permanent makeup training