Before And After Case Studies For Permanent Cosmetics

On this page you will be able to view some examples of the successful procedures done by Susan Church and her IIPC colleagues. These procedures have been carried out utilizing the proven techniques taught in IIPC's Foundation Course and Advanced Classes. Scroll down to see photos of Corrective Pigment Camouflage, Skin Needling ™, Lip Color, Melanocyte Restoration, Areola Repigmentation, Eyebrow Hair Simulation and Eyeliner and Lash Enhancement. These procedures were carried out using Absolute Perfection and Designer Series pigments.


Permanent Cosmetic Before & After - Eye Brows and Eye Lashes

Pictured is our client after her Eyebrow Hair Simulation procedure. In this color application, our technician used Absolute Perfection pigments in "Mocha Fudge" and "Coffee Bean." Two different colors are used in order to simulate real hair in a natural brow with depth and dimension.
This client is pictured post-Eyebrow Hair Simulation color application. Our technician chose to use three different Absolute Perfection colors for this procedure: "Mocha Fudge," "Camel" and "Mink." As you can see, the use of three pigment colors gives the client's eyebrow a full, three-dimensional appearance.
This client came to us requesting an Eyelash Enhancement for his sparse lashes. Note his bottom lashes, which are especially light.
The same male, two years following his Lash Enhancement procedure. Compare the brilliant blue color of his eye in this photo to the darker, grayer color in the previous shot. These photos are a perfect example of how a simple Lash Enhancement procedure can accentuate, enhance and widen the eyes of a client. In this instance, our technician used Absolute Perfection pigment in "Coffee Bean" to most effectively bring out his blue eyes.
Pictured is a client seven years after receiving an Eyeliner procedure. We used Tri-Lab's Designer pigments in "Forrest Green" and "Dark Brown" to accentuate her beautiful chocolate brown eyes. Even after seven years, this client's eyeliner looks fresh and new.
This photo shows an IIPC client two years after an Eyeliner application. To enhance her bright blue eyes, our technician chose to use Tri-Lab Products Designer pigment in "Eyeliner Black" and "Medium Brown." It's hard to believe she had the procedure done a full two years prior to this photo, and the results just go to show that good work is lasting work.
Here we have a client, two years post-Lash Enhancement procedure. Absolute Perfection pigments in "Soft Black" and "Coffee Bean" were blended for this flawless, natural look.
The client in the previous photo was so pleased with her Lash Enhancement that she came back for a full Eyeliner procedure. This photo was taken one year after the Eyeliner application, for which our technician used Absolute Perfection pigments in "Soft Black" and "Coffee Bean" and a splash of Tri-Lab's Designer pigment in "Midnight Black" for an extra kick. This photo truly shows the advantage of utilizing foolproof color theory.

Before & After - Lips

Before the client's full lip color application. She requested a light, natural lip color. Notice the blurred definition of parts of the bottom lip.
This is the same client, photographed after her Full Lip Color application. For this natural look, our technician chose Tri-Lab's Designer pigment in "Natural Berry Kiss." Though there were no injections of any kind, the client's lips appear plumped and full. No need for lipstick anymore - now she can simply use Vaseline to moisten her soft, sexy lips.
Here is a client post-Lipliner application. Our technician used the client's skin tone to determine that a combination of Tri-Lab's Designer pigments in "Wild Strawberry" and "Burnt Orange" would be a perfect match. After the lipliner was applied, a small amount of color was strategically sparkled throughout her lip vermillion to create a shimmery effect.
This client was photographed after her Lipliner application. Tri-Lab's Designer pigment in "Coral" was chosen for this procedure. To create a shimmery look, color was then sparkled throughout the lip vermillion to create this spectacular lip color. Now the client can apply a swipe of gloss and look incredible, day after day.
This is another example of a client post-Lipliner procedure. Our technician chose to blend Absolute Perfection pigment in "Natural" with a splash of Tri-Lab's "Coral" pigment. The lip vermillion was filled with solid color to create this flawless, natural-looking pucker.

Permanent Cosmetic Before & After - Needling

This client has deep wrinkles around the eyes and skin discoloration due to sun damage. She hoped that her Needling treatment would even out her skin tone and smooth her facial lines, giving her an overall younger, fresher look. This is our client, looking 10 years younger after a photofacial and two Needling sessions. Notice the brightness of her skin and the extreme reduction of the wrinkles around her eyes.
This client came to us to have the fine lines around her mouth plumped up. She also requested Needling to plump up her naso-labial folds, which are the vertical lines between the nose and mouth. This is our client, 8 weeks after her first Needling session. During this consultation, she said that her naso-labial folds and the lines around her mouth have plumped up considerably - which you can see in the photo. She loves the change and is ready for more treatments on other areas of her face.

This patient came to us for a Skin Needling™ treatment to reactivate the melanocytes in the hypo-pigmented areas of his arms, chest and back. This photo was taken prior to any treatment.

Here is our hypo-pigmented patient, immediately following his Skin Needling™ session. Our technicians apply Vaseline over the procedure area to protect the skin from free radicals. The client said he was able to notice the pigment returning within the first few weeks after his initial needling application.

The same client, 6 months after his Skin Needling™ procedure. Notice how his skin tones now blend into each other fluidly. The hypo-pigmented areas are much harder to notice. He came for a one-year post-procedure consultation, and his skin still looks great!

Permanent Cosmetic Before & After - Scar Relaxation and Repigmentation

This scar is on the chest of a burn survivor and is the result of numerous surgeries. The client came to us requesting Corrective Pigment Camouflage, and the circled area is where we concentrated the corrective repigmentation. The client's chest scar, shown here one year after the Corrective Pigment Camouflage procedure. Our technician chose to blend Tri-Lab's Designer pigments in "Dark Tan," "Natural Berry Kiss" and "Light Golden Beige" to camouflage the scar. She then used "Espresso" to add freckles for an ultra-natural look.
This photo shows the areola of a male patient who came to us requesting an Areola Repigmentation procedure. Here is the result of this man's Areola Repigmentation color application. Our technician completed the treatment using a blend of Tri-Lab's Designer pigments in "Flesh #3," "Cognac" and "Pumpkin."
Pictured here is a woman who requested an Areola Repigmentation procedure. She asked for a more natural-looking coloration and larger, more symmetrical areolas. This photo shows the same patient after her Areola Repigmentation application. Our technician achieved this natural, even look by blending Tri-Lab's "Cognac" and "Mahogany" pigments with Absolute Perfection pigment in "Blush."
This 33-year old patient has severe burn-induced hypo-pigmentation and contractures extending from the tip of the left ear, over the cheek to the top of the lip. She came to us requesting scar relaxation and Corrective Pigment Camouflage as an alternative to a skin graft because of the recovery time and scarring associated with the latter option. Here is our patient six months after Corrective Pigment Camouflage was applied to the contractures and discoloration. As you can see, her skin tones now integrate into one another. To see how the CPC increased this woman's range of motion, view her photos on our 'Articles & Blog' page.
W - Stands for colours that are 'warm'
C - Stands for colours that are 'cool'