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Advanced Class - Needling & More

This 1-day course provides instruction on:
• Effective needling techniques that trigger the release of collagen to help soften and plump facial lines.
• Innovative techniques for reducing acne scarring and loosening contractured tissue from burns and other scars.
• Proper needling application techniques to diminish hypo-pigmentation by reactivating melanin-producing cells.
• CA Environmental Board of Health Approved Medical Release, Client Procedure Chart 1 and 2, Procedure Report Forms and which ones you will need for each procedure.
• How to work cohesively with medical professionals so clients/patients receive the best, most effective treatments possible.

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Support after class includes a Facebook Forum  for IIPC students only and text support.

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Advanced Class - Areola Repigmentation

This 1-day Areola Repigmentation Training Class provides instruction on:
• Creating the perfect areola and nipple on a female and male client, from color choice to placement and size. Plus, receive instruction on how to work with different types of patients who have received breast reconstruction surgeries.

• Effective needle groupings for flawless results.

• Create realistic areola and nipple shading with IIPC’s favorite fool-proof color formulas that have been most successful for our Areola Repigmentation and CPC procedures.

•Our Areola Repigmentation Training Class has resources for obtaining your insurance coverage immediately after completing your class. We will show you the easiest way to get going!
Learn medical CPT (Current Procedural Terminology) codes for easy insurance billing.

• We will show you other procedure classes to compliment the Areola Repigmentation Training Class including: HyaPen Genius needle free fillers, Plasma Genius for skin tightening, all types of fillers and other new developments in plastic and cosmetic surgery procedures. Collagen Rejuvenation Therapy (CRT), Melanocyte Restoration and Scar Relaxation are procedures that will also benefit patients cancer surgery scars and other surgical scars.

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ONLY $1800.00